Mini Home Protection Kit

Mini Home Protection Kit

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Black Tourmaline is ideal to cleanse, purify, and transform any dense energy into a lighter vibration. This crystal is known to provide the ultimate form of protection, it will teach you to feel in control, powerful & undefeatable. 

❥ Promote objective awareness 

❥ Shield your space from unwanted energy

❥ Help release chronic worry, anxiety & tension   

❥ Encourage removal of fear & boost self-confidence 

Selenite is known as the master healer. A crystal that provides support through all cycles of life & helps clear the mind to make decisions. It is highly effective for advancement of the mind and mental powers. Selenite is known to help allow you to be open and honest with yourself. 

❥ Release stress and anxiety 

❥ Clear blockages in the energetic field  

❥ Consciousness - Spiritual Activation - Peace